Information about Haslev conference

Food for Thought – sharing and developing healthy futures
 CED+ Programme – Haslev and Ringsted March 25 – April 1, 2017

Saturday   25/3

The Czechs, French and English all arrive in Copenhagen and spend the day and evening in the city.


Sunday 26/3

All CED+ participants meet in Nyhavn 
Selfie-run (PB) in groups of four including time for lunch.

Christiania – guided tour 

Early dinner at RizRaz (vegetarian buffet) 

Bus leaves for Ringsted and Haslev 

HOST FAMILIES pick up guests at MSG-Ringsted 

and at MSG-Haslev.

Monday 27/3

Presentation of research made by individual countries

Welcome by Head Teacher, Lene Eilertsen.

Biology experiments (PM)  (10-15 students)


Tuesday 28/3

Introduction to the art of app making (Nikolaj Dinesen)

Biology experiments (PM) (10-15 students)

Nikolaj Dinesen and app

Potluck dinner at MSG - Haslev 

Games in the gym

Wednesday 29/3

Nikolaj Dinesen and app

Biology experiments (10-15 students)

Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Tommy Grønvold

Faxe Rusmiddelcenter


Thursday 30/3

Health counsellor Faxe Municipality
Smoking cessation
(Sundhedskonsulent Faxe Kommune)


Friday 31/3

Finishing presentations


Poster + biology
Performance lecture
Video presentation

At Nordskovsskolen

Goodbye Get-Together


Saturday 1/4


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