Food for thought is a three year transnational project involving French, Czech, Danish and English students aged 16 - 20.

The project, funded by Erasmus Plus, explores national and transnational themes in relation to health, excercise, diet, food, drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Our objective is to develop our students' awareness of health and well being  by looking at three main aspects.

- Nutrition and well being. How healthy is a typical diet, how balanced, how do our social practices around food may impact our health

- Physical exercise and well-being.

- Alcohol, smoking and drugs and well-being


Throughout our three-year cooperation, studies of literature, art or cinema will shed light on our work. For each main topic, we intend to study how each of our schools and local / national authorities enhance the well-being of the students and how we can improve the situation by building upon the best practices of each member school.

Our desire is to cooperate and exchange systematically on each topic and subtopic to make better practices emerge through international cooperation / comparison / exchange. The rationale of the project is to compare countries to discover and evaluate the best practises in each member country and develop a greater insight into each of the members’  own culture.

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